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Flowers and fruits of the Earth

Gaia represents Nature in all its immensity and abundance. The scent of fruits such as Peach and Anise inspire the sculpting of the bottle, of flowers such as Jasmine and Rose recall the round shape, and the blend of Woods, Musk, Leather and Amber enrich its essence.

The bottle is an original design by sculptor and painter Luis Ventós.

The perfume is created by Vanina Muraour.

Pure perfume oil

Our glass bottles have been sculpted and polished by hand. Their capacity will oscillate between 15 ml y 30 ml.



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With this perfume we pay tribute to the Earth, to the beautiful shapes and delicate fragrances of its flowers and fruits.





Gaia is a creation by the perfumer Vanina Muraour.

Fruity Floral
Top notes: Ozonic fresh – Peach – Rum – Anise
Middle notes: Bouquet of flowers – Jazmine – Ylang Ylang – Rose –  Carnation – Iris
Base notes: Leather – Wood –  Patchouli –  Oak Moss – Blend of Musks – Vanilla – Ambergris – Coumarin


Tierra Collection

This collection inspired by the force of nature instils the most natural and profound essences of the Earth.

Tierra collection includes Gaia and Moai.


The transparent glass bottle and stopper, crafted and polished by hand, are an original design by sculptor and painter Luis Ventós.

The flower-shaped glass stopper comes with a classic glass applicator.

Any variation in capacity and shape is a distinctive feature of each bottle. Due to its craftsmanship, the capacity may oscillate between 15 ml y 30 ml.


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