Esfera Lunar

    The contrast of day and night

    A play of light between the clear glass and the sculpted surface highlights the contrasting notes of this perfume that is both cool and warm.

    Limited edition of 45 bottles, handmade, numbered and signed by the artist Luis Ventós.

    Eau de Parfum

    Being hand-blown bottles, each one creates beautiful and different shapes that accommodate the perfume with different volumes. Their capacity will oscillate between 15 ml and 40 ml.

    It includes a complimentary roll-on with 10 ml of perfume.

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    The sphere and light of a full moon are the inspiration for this perfume.

    The shape and colour of the bottle change its olfactory perception.


    Esfera is a creation by the perfumer Vanina Muraour.

    White chypre
    Top notes: Davana – Lemon – Black Currant
    Middle notes: Jasmine – Orange blossom – Rose – Lily of the Valley
    Base notes: Patchouli – Oakmoss – Vanilla – White musk

    After purchase, you can get 10 ml of fragrance for €65.

    Esfera Collection

    Esfera collection includes Esfera Interior and Esfera Lunar, both sharing the same fragrance.

    Esfera Lunar is a limited edition of 45 bottles.

    The perfume comes with a booklet explaining and justifying the edition number.


    The clear glass bottle is made in a crucible and hand-blown by master glassmakers, then hand-sculpted and polished by hand.

    No two bottles are alike. Variations in the shape, size, capacity, clarity, bubbles, swirls and other characteristics may appear during the process. These are not defects; they are what makes each perfume unique and one-of-a-kind.

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