Nature, land, sea

    The golden transparency of the bottle and the sculpted elegance of its angles envelop a sweet, earthy, marine scent.

    Limited edition of 114 bottles, handmade, numbered and signed by the artist Luis Ventós.

    Eau de Parfum

    Being hand-blown bottles, each one creates beautiful and different shapes that accommodate the perfume with different volumes. Their capacity will oscillate between 15 ml and 40 ml.

    It includes a complimentary roll-on with 10 ml of perfume.


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    The fusion of fossil-resin amber and grey sea amber inspired this perfume.

    The shape and colour of the bottle change its olfactory perception.



    Ámbar is a creation by the perfumer Vanina Muraour.

    Top notes: blend with the middle notes
    Middle notes: Osmanthus – Geranium – Patchouli – Sandalwood
    Base notes: Incense – Amber – Vanilla – Coumarin – Myrrh – Muscenone Musk

    After purchase, you can get 10 ml of fragrance for €85.


    Ámbar Collection

    Ámbar collection includes Ámbar and Ámbar Azul, both sharing the same fragrance.

    Ámbar is a limited edition of 114 bottles.

    The perfume comes with a booklet explaining and justifying the edition number.


    The amber coloured-glass is hand-blown by master glassmakers, then hand-sculpted and polished by hand. The colour of the glass is authentic and created in a crucible.

    No two bottles are alike. Variations in the shape, size, capacity, clarity, bubbles, swirls and other characteristics may appear during the process. These are not defects; they are what makes each perfume unique and one-of-a-kind.

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