Ventós Lario

We are a pioneering personalised perfume brand.

In 1994, Luis Ventós y Amparo Lario came together to develop a project to go beyond shape, beyond fragrance, to where perfume becomes art.

Luis Ventós, painter, sculptor and third generation in a family dedicated to creating, making and distributing fragrances, had his first contact with the glass-blowing industry in 1979. The wide range of artistic possibilities this medium offers motivated the artist and designer to incorporate it into his professional work.

Amparo Lario, an expert in creating fragrances, contributes her experience with prestigious perfumers to create an olfactory world that is as balanced as it is daring.

We want to evoke emotion, with original ideas in which shape and fragrance take on new meaning through dialogue.

Our limited editions are sculptural perfumes and unique pieces for collectors, an element that is very much a part of the history of perfume.

We offer each client an original, exclusive creation. See more +

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