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The most personal line from Ventós Lario, where perfume becomes sculpture and art is conveyed through sight, touch and smell.

An invitation for collectors.


Green Earth, sun and stones

Moai exudes the scent of the ocean breeze and the verdant slopes of the volcanoes. This fragrance of geometric elegance is green fresh and intense at first, it is enriched by the lush fragrance of the hyacinth, the sensuality of Ylang Ylang and culminates in a warm background of Oak Moss, Musk and Patchouli.

Pure perfume oil.

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Flowers and fruits of the Earth

Gaia represents nature in all its immensity and abundance. Nested on a captivating base, the fruity notes inspire the sculpting of the bottle, while the flowery notes suggest its curves.

Pure perfume oil.

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Esfera Interior

Balance between shape and fragrance

The organic shape of the sculpted blue surface is in perfect harmony with the fragrance, expressing the balance between its floral and fruity components. The perfume envelops us and takes us into our deepest senses.

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Esfera Lunar

The contrast of day and night

A play of light with the clear glass and the sculpted surface highlighting the contrasting notes of this perfume that is both cool and warm at the same time

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Nature, land, sea

The golden transparency of the bottle and the sculpted elegance of its angles
envelop a sweet, earthy, marine scent.

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Ámbar Azul

The depths of the sea

The blue transparency of the bottle and the delicacy of its surface caress a marine, sweet, earthy perfume.

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de Ventós

The essence of a city

"Old stones breathing ancient fragrances...
Scent of coloured flowers rambling...
Warm smells of markets and terraces...
And, combined if not confused
the sea smell the tide brings and
The fragrance of pine-trees
blown from the mountains...
Barcelona is everything,
past and future, city and people,
a culture of solidarity that
receives and offers at the same time
memories of its thousands Mediterranean scents."

Joan Simò

The amphora-shaped bottle, inspired by Barcelona, is an unforgettable souvenir of the city.

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