Our History

In 1986 Luis Ventós began a series of limited editions of perfumes under the name “Maresía”. These fragrances were paintings or sculptures combining glass with other materials like iron, bronze and marble.

They are collector’s items, handmade, numbered and signed.



Maresía is a Brazilian word that refers to the damp wind that blows in from the sea and envelops the surroundings in a magical atmosphere.


Maresía I

Art and fragrance

This perfume celebrates creative freedom and elevates the fragrance and bottle to the level of art. It introduced the concept of a limited-edition perfume for the first time.

The hand-painted bottle was created like a painting. The fragrance evokes a sea breeze.

This series featured 50 signed and numbered bottles.

Maresía II

Painting bottle

This perfume delves deeper into the ideas of Maresía I regarding creative freedom. Shape and fragrance come together to make a cutting-edge work of art. Once again, the bottle is used as a canvas and it also incorporates collage.

This series featured 50 signed and numbered bottles.

Maresía III

Creative rebelliousness

This collection represents the freedom and independence of the perfumer in his creative process. The bottles, in provocative, unbelievable shapes, encourage creativity and motivate people to break the moulds. Maresía III features 9 sculptural bottles, each with an original fragrance.

The collection was presented in 1987 at the Eude gallery in Barcelona.

Maresía IV

Tribute to René Lalique

This collection of 16 sculptural bottles pays tribute to René Lalique, the French designer who revolutionised the art of bottle shapes.

Luis Ventós invited prestigious perfumers to participate in this tribute. Each of them composed a fragrance freely without any conditions. Communication between shape and essence led to a series of large sculpted glass pieces that are as unique and one-of-a-kind as the fragrances within.

The collection was presented in 1992 at the Eude gallery in Barcelona.


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